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Low Vision

Life with Low Vision

low vision helpMake no mistake; Low Vision is not the same as blindness. People with this challenging condition do possess some functional eyesight. Yet their reduced visual abilities can make many tasks of basic daily living into hardships. Reading and driving may become impossible or extremely difficult. At Peninsula Vision Associates, in Niagara Falls, ON, we are familiar with the effects of Low Vision. Our top team of optometrists is here to evaluate your condition and help provide solutions.

What is Low Vision?

Low Vision is a condition that typically affects seniors. After a full lifetime of sharp vision and independent living, diminished eyesight can be very traumatic. Older adults with low vision are at a higher risk of depression and general frustration with life. In addition, low vision may lead to the loss of employment. Statistics compiled by Lighthouse International claim that only 43.7% of visually impaired Americans are employed. This is in stark contrast to the 80% employment rate of people in this age group who have normal sight.

With no employment and a compromised ability to get from place to place, many people with Low Vision feel isolated and alone. If watching television or viewing a computer screen is too hard, this sense of solitude can become all-encompassing. While some people with low vision depend entirely on friends and family for all of their needs, others suffer on their own.

How Peninsula Vision can help

At Peninsula Vision we aim to improve the lives of all of our patients with Low Vision. After a complete eye exam evaluation in our advanced Niagara Falls, ON, clinic, we will recommend the most suitable low vision devices for your needs. We offer a range of magnifiers, including handheld, eyeglass-mounted and stand-alone versions. In addition, we will train you in the best strategies to maximize your remaining eyesight and enhance your independence.

Low Vision is often caused by eye disease, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa. If you experience any blurred vision, loss of peripheral vision, unusual spots or floaters, light sensitivity or night blindness, please contact us immediately for a comprehensive eye health exam. These symptoms may indicate the beginning of a serious ocular condition, and immediate treatment can prevent future vision loss.

Vision loss that cannot be corrected with medical treatment, surgery or eyewear will be diagnosed as Low Vision. At Peninsula Vision Associates, serving the Golden Horseshoe Region of Southern Ontario, our eye specialists will assess your degree of vision loss and prescribe the most appropriate aids to make the most of your eyesight. In addition to optical equipment, there are a multitude of non-optical adaptive devices that you may find useful. These include audio tapes, special light fixtures, large-print books and signature guides for signing documents and checks. An understanding counselor may also be suggested to help you cope well with Low Vision.

If you suffer from low vision, call our office today and get help!

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